24 April 2005

New Blog

Well after gaining inspiration from someone else who blogs for their Eve-Online character I thought I'd start blogging as well.

Goodness knows I spend a hideous amount of time in Eve and am blessed with having an enormous amount of fun through the game and the people I've met there.

No doubt I'll flit between in and out of character posts in this blog, one thing is sure though throughout everything i write I'll be very cognisant of the fact that Eve is just a game and in or out of character some perspective is required.

For those easily offended beware of foul language because I swear like a trooper and to be honest think it adds some colour to the English language!

To anyone that I comment on in this blog, I hope I don't offend you too much and remember this is all in the context of a game, I don't know most of you in real life and those that I do I'll likely only praise anyway.

I'll likely use this blog as a brain dump to begin with and will think about releasing it in a few weeks.

Have fun reading what goes on in the head of a BoB CEO ;)

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