9 June 2005

BNC and The Great Northern War 3

Part 3 - Empire Wars!

At the end of part 2 we left BNC mostly fighting in Pure Blind based out of Torrinos and the war really in it's early stages. Considering the war raged on for as long as it did it should come as no surprise that at about 2-3 months in when BNC got involved in Empire wars against PA corps we can still look back on it and consider it the early days of the war.

With Evolution and Reikoku fighting further north in PA territory, NORAD being a huge dissappointment to BNC due to their lack of participation and at this time the EC-P8R corridor relatively secure BNC started to look for other ways to influence the war.

Our management team decided to look into Empire wars. At this time it was possible to war dec individual corporations within an alliance without dec'ing the whole alliance. So we thought that taking out the PA's industrial heart in empire would be the way to go. On the 30th of June 2004 BNC declared war against Riders of Rohan and RONA corporation, intending to work our way through any PA corps active in empire.

To be honest I don't remember activating the RONA war at the same time but according to our corp sanctionable actions we did!

The war started and we moved to Yulai to wage the war mostly between Yulai and Nonni. It was a slaughter, we soon discovered that appart from Reptar (the then CEO of Rohan) that Rohan were a mostly carebear corp. The war kicked off around Yulai and Kemerk, with us not having to travel too far as it turned out that Rohan had their main empire HQ a couple of jumps from Yulai (can't remember the exact system).

The hero's of the war were Earthan and Doctorgonzo in a Vampthron and close range Tempest respectively, these guys absolutely destroyed everything Rohan could throw against them. I remember one memorable afternoon when Earthan in his Mega, several others of us and myself in a Raven were hunting around Yulai. We were jumping in and out in systems around when Earthan called out that he had two enemy BS engaged on his own. I hightailed it to join him and listened as he took them both out using his vampathron, just as I thought I'd missed it all several enemy frigs/cruisers jumped in on Earthan with a third enemy BS. He quite calmly dispatched the 3rd BS as I jumped in and helped clean up with some of our support. I'd never seen a BS take on 2v1 and then a 3rd before and win. About this time we declared Earthan our champion, especially after offering CA's best a 1v1 (was that EternalDark who took up the challenge, I don't remember) and beating him.

Rohan split at this time under intense pressure from BNC with their more carebear element leaving the PA and forming IBM corp (I think that name is about right but can't be sure, it'll do for now). We were very divided on whether to let this ride or not but were persuaded that IBM would not support PA and therefore ended the war and let IBM go on their way.

There then took place a concerted effort against RONA who were split between RONA, RONA Midgaurd (their newby training corp) and KIA their main PvP wing.

To be honest I remember RONA getting slaughtered in empire with some players getting ganked 2 and 3 times a week as we whored our location agents. I particularly remember the fact that their Chief of Operations (or some similar title) would not undock and we would search him out and camp him in for hours on end.

Having waged empire war for a month or two targets dried up and we moved back to Pure Blind, which is where part 4 of this tale takes over.


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