21 November 2006

Something From The Archives

One of the guys posted a screenshot of the old BNC forums from before we left NORAD where I announced the likelihood of us leaving, that inspired some reminiscing about the past and a few of us digging through our archives to see what we could find from a couple of years ago. I found the following mails that I sent to the corp in game and posted on our forums back when we were leaving NORAD and prior to us joining BoB, in retrospect there are some quite amusing elements to these mails so I thought I'd share them in my blog.

The first is a six part (yes 6 parts! I seem to have been consistent in sticking to the technique of never using one word when a thousand will do over the years!) mail sent to announce to the corp that we would be leaving NORAD and the second is a four part mail sent shortly afterwards confirming that we were leaving NORAD and moving up north to fight alongside what would become BoB. The second mail series contains what was a rather contraversial standings change at the time but which is in retrospect quite amusing!

My favourite quote from these is "WE WILL NOT PIRATE & ALL OTHER PIRATES WILL REMAIN KOS!" ah the naivety of our youth in Eve Wink

Anyway, without further rambling, here are the mails enjoy....


2004.09.14 01:51
Dear All,

After much deliberation amongst the management team (DG, our 8 Directors and myself) we have agreed on the initial elements of a strategy for the corporation's future.

Firstly and most importantly we hope that this plan appeals to as many of you as possible and that you will join us on the next phase of BNC's journey. However, we are well aware that there will be elements of this plan that do not appeal to everyone. One very important, in fact critical, aspect of our intentions is that only people who want to share a very similar gaming experience in Eve should be on the team, we should not be attempting to be all things to all people and I will come back to this point. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have participated in the forum discussions that have helped so much to shape and inform the management decisions contained in this message.

2004.09.14 01:51
The six key elements of our intentions going forward are as follows:

1) BNC's primary focus is on team based pvp combat.
2) We expect that 90% of the corp's members work together for the majority of the time they are online.
3) We do not believe that players who wish to exclusively solo mine/npc/hunt/manufacture really belong in BNC.
4) Good communications are critical to our success, therefore we believe active participation in the corp forums is important and the use of Teamspeak is mandatory (at least to listen even if you cannot use a mic).
5) We expect all our pilots to behave respectfully, with honour and to always convey BNC in a positive (if slightly mischevious) light.
6) We remain an anti-pirate corporation but acknowledge the political realities of politics and combat in Eve, life is not black and white.

2004.09.14 01:51
As such, we will be moving forward with exceedingly high expectations regarding people working together as a team. When we are on offensive operations 90% of the time you log on the first words out of your mouth should be 'where's the gang and where are we fighting?'. If we need to replace ships we will all go mine for an evening or a day or two and replace losses together as a team. The days of many members soloing all the time are over.

There are a few but only a few exceptions to this rule, pilots who currently do a great deal of good work with agent missions, research and production but who's focus is on supporting the pvp team (they and we know who they are) and are not just doing their own thing.

2004.09.14 01:51
If this direction sounds right for you but you know yourself that you have not been contributing to the corp or not been involved in team operations then now is the time to change your gamestyle. Be empowered, create and participate in teamwork and we promise you an even better gaming experience in the future.

If this does not sound like the way you wish to play the game please speak up and let us help you to get placed into a corp that better fits your playing style. There is no shame in any of us wanting to play the game in different ways but let's be realistic about not trying to force square pegs into round holes. One strong recommendation I have in this respect is that the more peaceful of you consider joining The Merchant Marines, they are very well led and are building a superb mega-corp with good manufacturing, mining and research divisions.

2004.09.14 01:51
The BNC management team strongly believe that we should focus our efforts, promote teamwork and get back to our roots as a pvp corporation. I personally believe that we need this kind of strong focus and clear leadership and that we have the pilots to be very successful. The final and most controversial element of this announcement is that as of Friday 17th September BNC will no longer be a member of the NORAD alliance. After considering all the feedback in the forums and in game the BNC council and executive have agreed 100% that we should go independant.

It is our firm intention to leave NORAD on good terms as we have a long history and a lot of great friends in the alliance. I am advising the alliance council this evening of this decision as I pass the information on to you. We will however make no official announcement until Friday so please keep this within the team until Friday.

2004.09.14 01:51
BNC moves on to a bigger brighter future free of alliance ties and politics, I look forward to the next phase of our development and hope that you will all join us in our next challenge.

Many thanks


P.S. This message is also on our new forums at www.BlackNova.org


2004.09.17 02:52
As posted in the forums today, The whirlwind of change is upon us!! D-Day tomorrow and we already have a HUGE amount of fun lined up!!

The announcement to the Eve Public will be made tomorrow evening (when I get home from work at approximately 8:30pm Eve time). The announcement will cover two points:-

1) BNC leaves NORAD, with all the thanks for the memories, props to our friends and pleasantries about NORAD that you would expect in a departure speech!

2) Our next move and first new adventure. I'll make it clear that we are going to Venal to join back up with our old partners in crime Reikoku! I will also pull no punches and be very clear that this means that we will also be flying with Evol/m0o/ATUK in the campaign against the PA.

2004.09.17 02:52
In order to help kill off PA once and for all we will be NAPing m0o. That means we will not only stop shooting them but we will be in gangs with them and Evolution as well as Reikoku. If we carry on fighting m0o we are shooting ourselves in the foot in terms of our ability to help RKK/Evol in fighting PA. So as a necessity of the situation up there we will NAP m0o for the time being.


We are NAPing m0o ONLY to allow us to fight PA again on their home turf. We have almost unanimous support of this move amongst the council and
the exec as we all understand it is a necessity of the war. Leaving the alliance allows us to do things that are a little bit shadier and we will have to get used to seeing the Eve universe more in shades of grey than black and white. However, I'll stress this again to make sure we are all clear... WE WILL NOT PIRATE & ALL OTHER PIRATES WILL REMAIN KOS!

2004.09.17 02:52
Now for the first part of the really exciting news!! I have yet to agree the time but either tomorrow evening or on saturday RKK/Evol/m0o/ATUK are going to bring a massive fleet to Torrinos to meet us and fly with us up to Venal as we start our campaign up there!! We also have very good intel that there will be some seriously hot fighting going down this weekend and we should see some large fleet battles as soon as we get to Venal

This is a very exciting opportunity for us to get back in the saddle alongside our close friends Reikoku and to fly with the very best pvp corps in the game as soon as we go independant! To say that this sets us off on the right foot just as we go independant is a massive understatement!! I'm so excited my head's going to explode Wink

2004.09.17 02:52
So that's the plan guys, (I'll explain a few more of the more mundane details like offices, mining etc in another thread) but most importantly on this our first weekend as an independant corporation and our first weekend flying with RKK/Evol we need a huge turnout from the team. If there's one weekend a year you can call in favours from the wife or miss the friday night beers in the pub with the lads this is it!

I'll confirm the time as soon as I can but when the RKK/Evol fleet come down to meet us in Torrinos I'd be over the moon to see as many BNC there as we can possibly get together. I'll be the happiest CEO in the game if we can get about 40 of us there and at least 20 battleships.

So the challenge has been laid before you, we are going to fly with the best and wage total war on the PA! Let's get everyone up to Torrinos asap and give it our best.




One other thing to throw into the mix. This is the Alliance Map from the time of the start of our adventures shortly after player conquerable stations were released and BNC, RKK, DSIN, CELES and HUFF were fighting RSA, COD and FE in Fade.


Fun times Wink

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