25 April 2005

When Will I Ever Learn?

Sunday evening, I'd been taking it easy all day and had logged off Eve due to all the lag issues caused by the ebil h4x0rs. At about 11pm after a couple of Vodka Redbulls and a bottle of wine I decide to log onto Eve, pick up some stuff I'd bought in Yulai and head back down to Gehi. I figured I'd be in bed by midnight, get a good nights sleep and be in for a meeting at work bright and early Monday morning.

Whilst I'm travelling I'm chatting to a guy I know from Planetside who I'd only just discovered plays Eve now and to a couple of the Directors/Execs in the BNC command channel. We're shooting the shit and I'm having a laugh so I figure a couple of shots of Voddy before bedtime won't do me any harm.

All is going to plan until I get to Gehi and realise I'm actually a bit drunk and it's now about midnight. In the Gehi station there's about 3 hostiles and one of the m0o guys. Thinking "what the hell, if I'm in bed by 1am I'll be fine" I load up a Raven with scrambling kit and go outside to camp the station for half an hour as I'm feeling a bit lively now. Patron from m0o joins me outside and we camp for 15-20 mins waiting to get lucky with a hostile undocking. Soon enough one does... frigate bah... don't even get a lock.

A few reports come in of 4-5 FIX in A2-V27 from BoB pilots passing through but no visual on the bad guys. Patron heads to bed and I decide that FIX will probably be in frigs so I'll go play with them in my Raven. Despite mild intoxication I realise that taking my Dread gear off might be a good idea so I refit in more standard kit, Arbies, C5-L etc.. and head down to A2-V27.

As I arrive Kurt Hectic from Evolution logs on in an Apoc in A2 and we both set up shop on the Kaira gate. In warps a Typhoon at long range and begins sniping us. Kurt's taking a bit of damage and we warp about to a few cans trying to get close to him to no avail. Marko Debrault also appears then in his Megathron also sniping us. After a litle bit of verbal jousting in local (well behaved of course) Marko warps in on me whilst I'm sat off the gate without his wingman in the Typhoon. I get him scrambled and unleash volleys of cruise missiles, align to depart and Kurt warps down to lay on the hurt. Marko's pounding the crap out of me with a full gank setup on his megathron so when Kurt's also in range hitting Marko I warp out with 50% structure just as Marko goes down.

1 nil to the good guys.

I'll edit more of the story in later but to cut a long story short we ended up in 9CG fighting FIX, i lost an Apoc and went to bed at 5:30am before having to get up at 7:30am for work :/

When will I ever learn that I need more sleep!!

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