29 April 2005

The Worst Day In Ages

What a bad day, all started ok with the usual work stuff and should have been a great day as I was heading back to the UK tonight for 5 days of partying for DG's 30th birthday.

Things went from bad to worse whilst checking the forums from work.

First thing one of the Directors, a very old friend in Eve, a very hardworking Director and a guy who's heart is always in the right place and does everything for the corp he can, resigns from our management team. Fuck, this is all I need and is not good for the corp. All this over a stupid spat we had in our Directors forum over something trivial that got out of hand and was misshandled by everyone involved.

I'm hoping that this can be rectified, it's a huge personal blow if not. However, being me I'm fairly confident it can be fixed (edit: It has been fixed \o/)

Why is it in Eve that everyone underestimates the effort put into corps by the Directors? So many members that are happy to whine and complain about stuff but never put the degree of effort in as the Directors who are trying to resolve the cause of the whining and make everyone's gaming time that much more fun. I often get the feeling that our Directors are a bunch of really unsung heros a lot of the time.

What's also pissing me off at the moment is how hard it is to maintain harmony amongst a team of people that normally get on very well and work together well. Sometimes I feel like I'm always refereeing the stupidest of issues that should be totally avoidable if people were a little more relaxed and tolerant with each other. Perhaps it's the booze levels in BNC ;)

The next highly dissappointing incident is the news that one of our Execs has deleted both his characters from Eve. I knew immediately why, RL comes first and he has flirted with focusing more and more on his RL stuff than on Eve recently so in some respects it came as no surprise. However, the lack of surprise doesn't take away the sting of dissappointment at losing such a key member of the team. In Eve terms he'd really come right into his own recently as well with good fleet commanding skills/experience, top scoring killboard stats, highly respected member of the team and providing the community with very high quality video entertainment.

Uther and Mistress Agnois you will be sorely missed from BNC and from Eve.

The coup de resistance of the perfectly shitty day now ensues....

I get myself home, sort my stuff out and head to the airport. I'm running a little late because I've left leaving the office too late and as usual had my flight time wrong! So I arrive at the airport stressed, with road rage, sweating my ass off rushing to check in. As I stride into the airport ..... I start getting heart palpatations. I've had a hole in my heart since I was a kid and every now and again it likes to remind me that I'm supposed to stay fit and healthy as opposed to tired, stressed, unfit and a heavy drinker!

So thats me fucked now, I manage to get checked in and heart fluttering away like a bag of rabid stoats I get sat down in the airport lounge praying for it to stop before I have to board the plane. Needless to say an hour and a half later it hasn't, so in a dizzy cold sweat I queue up to board. I'm about 3 people away from the airport peeps checking boarding passes when I start getting tunnel vision and stars before my eyes. An indeterminate period of time later I wake up on the floor surrounded by airport peeps feeling weak as a baby.

Needless to say that despite protestations on my part I am not allowed to board because I'm not fit to fly....ARSE!

So after getting fussed over in the airport until I'm feeling ok again I have just managed to get back to the appartment. Fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day and I can get a flight to the UK sorted :/

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