29 April 2005

My Thoughts On How To Access 0.0 As A Newbie

I'd posted this on the Eve-O forums but as posts on there have a habitof dissapearing I thought I'd repeat it here. To be honest I have no clue why people make such a fuss about getting into 0.0, it's accessible to any idiot with half a brain and a modicum of intelligence and patience. Anyway, my post.......

As this topic is doing the rounds in rabid fashion on the forums again, here's the thoughts of an 'orrible ebil griefer on the realistic options for softy fluffy carebears trying to get into 0.0 [)]

1. Hazzard the risk of operating in unclaimed territory e.g. Pure Blind or Syndicate.

You'll still have to go through choke points and there will be pirates but there are npc stations you can use, there are NPC's to hunt and there is better ore than in empire. No the ore is not as good as some of the deeper 0.0 regions and you won't find bistot or arkanor. Yes, it's still better than empire for both of the above (except lvl 4 missions for npc's) and yes it's a good way to get your feet wet to 0.0. Most alliances are far more likely to accept a corp or player who can say they lived in 0.0 independantly even if it's only for a month because it shows you know how to cope. You'll be far more likely to succeed in making it if you do your research, are in a group, use plenty scouts and have instas.

2. Join/Merge with a corp already living in 0.0

Yep you're gonna have to change your ways and play with new people but no you don't have to lose all your existing mates. I know how attached people can be to their own corporate identities and mergers can mean a lack of control over your own destiny to a degree. However, if it all goes horribly wrong and you want to start your own corp up again you'll be wiser and more experienced for doing it.

Before I settled in BNC I'd been in a corp that split, created a new one, merged that into BNC surrendering the CEO role and the control that went with it. I've also helped merge about half a dozen other corps into BNC. It doesn't all work out all the time but I've been better for the experience every time and it led to more great friends, good experiences and eventually me living in 0.0 full time.

This is also the quickest and most likely route into 0.0 space, probably also the safest if you pick the right corp. You're almost 99% certain to get a good set of instajumps, depending on what conflicts your new corp/alliance is in, the chokepoints may be safer for you and you'll benefit from the experience of living in 0.0 from your new corp mates. You are going to have to have something to offer though and this is perhaps a good next step for after you've proved you can achieve point 1 above. Just joining to rape the local roids and hunt npc's without contributing to the corp/alliance is not gonna fly.

3. Join an alliance.

You can always apply directly to join an alliance. It's essential to have something to offer if you do this and it is almost always advisable to make friends in the alliance first and get someone to sponsor you. Your chances of success are FAR higher if you can demonstrate a willingness to help defend and show some pvp experience.

Let me just stress again, you are going to need something to offer. Your alliance of choice is likely to look at your member count (realistically 20+ s a good number to aim at as a minimum), your experience in 0.0, your pvp experience, whether your existing corp has a high profile and whether your application implies you just want to come drain their resources or whether it reads like you really want to be a part of something big.

This is probably, second to the ninja aproach, the hardest route into 0.0.

4. Ninja!

Ok so not only do you want into 0.0 but you also want to retain your current solo or corp identity but you also want the really good stuff. You're gonna have to be very patient about getting in and out of 0.0, you'll have to time it right for when chokepoints are clear, you're gonna have to be very savvy with your ship setup, people will be trying to kill you and using stations is going to be dodgy.

If you have the patience and can do the prep to get set up then this approach is not impossible. Sneak a couple of secure cans out to your target area first and anchor them at a good safe, one for supplies and one for loot. Get the right set of instajumps before you go. Spend time scouting in a fast and small ship for quiet out of the way systems with the right minerals and npcs.

Many alliances, seeing a 1 person blob in some out of the way system won't ever investigate because they'll assume you're one of their own.

This is the riskiest route into 0.0 and if you can pull it off you've proved yourself.

5. Buy a pass or get sponsored.

Ok so not many alliances do this anymore and you're gonna pay for it or be taxed to hell but it is still possible. Do your research, read up about all the alliances, find out who's at war and who isn't, find out where they operate, what the minerals and npc's are like. Look up their official contacts and write a nice mail explaining what you want to do, that you're prepared to pay up front or be taxed and wait for a response. If you're also considering 2 and 3 above then if nothing else this establishes a line of communication and some contacts. Be pleasant in your mail, be sure to offer to pay in some way, don't pester and be gracious if rejected.

Obviously a voice on the inside of the alliance is going to help tremendously in getting your request approved. As with applying directly to an alliance it's just as much about who you know as it is about what you know.

6. Regarding implants, ships, insurance and getting ganked.

Implants are a luxury, it's been said many times. If you're in this game for anything approaching the long haul then you shouldn't need to worry about them (I very rarely use them and when I do I use them 2 at a time when I know I'm going to do a couple of lvl 5 skills requiring certain attributes over the next few weeks). So relax, don't worry about them and you'll enjoy the game more for being free of the worry.

Pick the right ship for the job. If you're going into 0.0 scouting then pick something appropriate. just sauntering out into 0.0 on a jaunt for the day in a battleship or cruiser is asking for trouble. If you want a look around take the fastest ship you can get your hands on. If you know you're going to stay for a while you have to weigh up wether you are going to be able to dock/undock to refit against the perfect setup you need to do the actual activities you are going for. If you're intending on mining then you're going to either need to find a quiet station/time to dock and refit or you're going to need your own POS.

Getting ganked. The only two important things you need to worry about when getting ganked are a) you are not your ship, get over it you will get another, your PC didn't meltdown, your girlfriend didn't dump you and no-one blew up your dog b) how did it happen, what can you learn and how can you prevent it happening next time.

So thats my brief brain dump on this subject. The options are pretty clear and although they may not be what you want to hear that's the reality of the situation.

In summary the absolute key things to sort out are:-

1. Do your research, learn everything there is to know about 0.0 regions and inhabitants.
2. Use the right ship for the right job.
3. Teamwork is your friend.
4. Get some contacts.
5. Be patient.

Hope that helps.

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