25 May 2005

The Eve-O General Forum

I just give up on the General Folder on the Eve-O forums, well that's not strictly true I know i'll keep banging my head against that particular brick wall in the hope that even one newbie gets the message but by god it is getting frustrating!


Is it just me or is Eve actually hugely difficult? I just do not understand it at the moment, I've started new character recently (or at least started using again an old but untrained character) who I log into for a mere few hours a week and give hardly any help from my main... she's already FAR more capable, better off and successful than my main ever was at her age. I refuse to believe for even one millisecond that Eve is harder now than it was two years ago, in fact given advanced learning skills, different ship types, +1 and +2 implants, vets you can ask for advice etc.. I KNOW for a fact that it is a hell of a lot easier.

So why on earth is the General folder on the forums full of such whining drivel these days? Every man and his dog seems to be crying about one thing and another.

I can tell you readers for a fact that I would not have dared to whine about some of the stuff that gets cried about in there these days because I have some pride and was to busy when I was a newbie trying to work it out for myself. I would be utterly ashamed of some of the whining nonsense on there if I typed it myself, I'd be looking over my shoulder when I went to the shops in real life wondering if everyone was looking at me and realising what an utterly hopeless case I was!

I'm sorry if I am in a minority here but a) Eve is not difficult to get on in, b) Surviving and succeeding in Eve is easy, c) Eve has a fairly steep learning curve but it is not insurmountable, d) Eve is a MMOG so GROUPING UP IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY.... playing on your own and then whining that you cannot get access to the highest end content or that another group of players deliver some serious pwnage onto your soloing-antisocial-lameass-whining-ass is the most ridiculous and incomprehensible load of old bollocks I have ever heard.

Have some bloody pride, get a grip and learn how to succeed. Get the hell off the forums and stop whining. Make use of the experience of veteran players and LISTEN to them, they are not bullshitting you out of some maliscious intent to screw you over!

.... and I am going to delcare empire war on the next whining ****wit who complains about how difficult it is to get into 0.0!!!!

(of course I am not but for goodness sake get a grip and sort yourselves out you pathetic excuses for gamers!!)

Oh and before some retard posts about powergamers etc.. I have a demanding 12 hour a day job, can't put uber amounts of time into Eve but I still succeed. Shut up with your whining, have some self respect and get on with winning at Eve!

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