23 May 2005

Lag Lag and More ******* Lag!

So we came up north on a road trip this weekend looking for some fun fights.

Instead we've been confronted by the dreaded lag monster in extremis. The lag up in Pure Blind, Venal etc.. has been simply atrocious all weekend. Our first fight up here was jumping into a hostile camp in EC-P8R from Torrinos and it was a complete joke, about half of the ships jumping in never got a shot off for the whole fight (although our support murdered theirs and we still had equal BS kills).

Every jump has been a joke with a gang of more than about 10 with upto 2 minute loading times and instajumping through a camp of more than 10 people has been a farce, even with autopilots on it's taken so long for the screen to render and then the autopilot to jump that we've lost half a dozen ships to it.

I've never heard of so many pilots being podded before either, time after time all weekend (and I know people often blame their pod deaths on lag but the frequency this weekend has been ridiculous) people have had thier ships blown and then had their pods blown before they even know their ship has gone.

It's a crying shame because we could have had a lot more really awesome fights all weekend if the servers had been up to it, all in all it's a major let down.

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