23 May 2005


(This blog entry is written a little tongue in cheek for those of you reading it and getting hot under the collar!)

So G, what a weird bunch, I can't stand em and yet I respect them.

I absolutely despise, detest, sneer at, ridicule, am disgusted by and generally revile their total and utter lack of balls. I struggle to express how utterly lame I think their approach to the game is at times. They must have some sort of computer that works out the % chance of success before they'll engage, they run at the first sign of significant trouble, safe spot unless they have greater numbers and won't jump in on you to initiate a fight unless they vastly outnumber you.

Of course all that vitriolic ranting is inspired by the fact that we clearly have two very different styles of play, even with fewer numbers I'll take BNC into a fight and if necessary jump in or warp in, take on the lag and kick a fight off. We probably take on some fights we shouldn't, we definitely lose more ships than we should due to being a bit reckless but we have a lot of fun doing it. One thing is for sure I will never have anyone tell me that BNC are too scared to attack or don't have the balls to engage. This approach is totally contrary to the lame ass ultra conservative approach of G.

I actually understand and appreciate the way G fight, it's a cautious and actually very successful way of fighting. They must have the patience of a saint to wait people out the way they do and their losses are certainly minimised because of it. When they actually get into a fight they are very disciplined, effective and their Tempest fleets are awesome damage dealers. I just cannot comprehend why they would want to play the game that way, just get it on for goodness sake.

A case in point was yesterday when we had a gang of 20 BS plus about 25 support sat 60km off a gate with a G/Iron fleet on the opposite side of the gate with approximately 30 BS and 10-15 support. They also had 10-12 BS 3 jumps away to our rear. Now under no circumstances would I have missed the opportuntity to engage with those odds but G refused to jump in and engage. Why on earth not? Get it on for goodness sake, take a few risks and have some fun.

It's an interesting clash in playing styles and perhaps cultures I suppose. That clash leaves me with this set of love & hate feelings towards them though (although love and hate are too extreme a pair of words). I love their effectiveness when they actually get into a fight and I hate the way they play the percentages so much.

I guess to be fair I should also mention that these days we extend each other a bit more respect than we used to and are getting over our rivalry and distaste for each other's playing style. I should also say that because of the more cordial and respectful relationship there is a lot less smack in local than against some people we've fought, in fact G don't smack much at all, another reason I respect them.

G if you would only grow some balls you'd be a truly superb alliance and highly respected.... until you do I'm looking down my virtual nose at you!!


un5een said...

just true... but thats the way we chose to play! we are not the ally that wtfpwnz each and everyone. and that for our style is much more defensive than urs. so we are not that fun to fight :-) but being honest - i personally believe u all came because u know that we are a real challange.

un5een - ce

Blacklight said...

We came up for a laugh un5een and to get some fun fights, I just think if you guys would take a few more risks you'd have a bit more fun.

However, each to your own, you fight the way you like and we'll fight the way we like. I just won't be looking to fight you guys ever again because you are too boring not because you are a challenge.

Bratzo said...

I think the way you put it is very fair and honest. I dont take this as smack just as a personal opinion.
We do have diffrent ways to play the game, thats perfectly fine. We dont really understand the way you play either, well we understand it, its just not the way we choose to play.
You guys get your kicks off diffrent things than we do, still you dont see [G] members ranting and insulting you guys. It would be really cool if everybody could just keep thier comments as rational and straight to the point as you do.
At this point i would like to give credit to you guys for really cuting down on the smack, too bad [5] havent learned how to do that yet

CE - Bratzo

Blacklight said...

Thanks bratzo, you won't see a lot of smack from BNC or from the other BoB guys. The [5] peeps do their own thing though I guess, I wouldn't allow it in my corp but it's their call.

I really, honestly don't understand why you guys play the percentages so much though or why you just won't jump in and get it on sometimes. You're damned good fighters when the shooting starts, I personally think you'd be even more successful if you were a little more aggressive and took a few more risks.

btw.. gimme Crean I want him as my personal meatshield!!

Blacklight said...

Oh I should say as well, you guys are usually great for not smacktalking as well.

Don't let yourselves get drawn into too much forum nonsense ;)

Bratzo said...

Why we dont jump in more often?
You guys have been in the north now, yuo've seen what can happen (LAG!)

Appart from that, see it as a compliment, you arent the n00bminers gone crazy trying to gank something, we know that you guys can do damage if we let you. Especially when you guys camp on the other side of a gate, are set up at >100km with your tacklers on the gate. We know what we can do in those situations and it just isnt fun (at least we dont think it is) to loose ships without being able to put up a descent fight in return.
Appart from that, each and every time we loose a fight, or at least loose a fight bigtime, the forum faction gets going again "We WTFBBQPWNED YO' LILLY ASSES!!!111oneoneon"
At least [5] do, we just love to not give them the satisfaction of being able to say that ;-)