15 May 2005

Addendum To The Whole Passing Out Business

Saturday morning, up all night & quite drunk.

NPC hunting in Delve in a Raven, doing famously, then ....... zzzZZZZzzzZZzzzzz

Found by an ally in a belt rapidly losing structure to a spawn and then b00m!

Raven + arbs + C5-L + named hardeners + named ballistic controls + PDU II etc etc... Probably about 300-400 mill down the drain, only way to die passed out is in style (eh Dianabolic?!?!).

Funny shit, first I've lost in ages to being blind drunk and having no sleep!


DevilsEnigma said...

Samething happened to a corp mate of mine. Luckily he was in my gang so I just gang-warped him to my SS when I saw his raven in armor.

I've made it a corp policy of having a gang of corp members in 0.0 regardless of what your doing. Pays off very well.

Drantis said...

Classic. :)

Can't say I have fallen asleep at the wheel so to speak but have gone downstaires to sort food and drink out only to come back to find I had actually set my apoc to jump to a belt rather than a safespot. DOH. Just got back to see the BOOOOM.


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