8 May 2005

Top 5 Lists

I really don't know why some people have so much of a problem with the "Top 5 xxxxx" threads posted on the Eve-O forums. Ok so there's a lot of individual bias that goes into everyone's responses but that's the whole point of the damn things, they're supposed to be an expression of personal opinion!

We tend to go through periods where we don't get any top 5 threads and then all of a sudden someone will post one and then we have a rash of them. It's when we get a rash of them that a lot of trolls come out of the woodwork bemoaning the idiocy of these threads, rattling on about epeens etc.. I can understand people getting a bit frustrated when there's 10 top 5 posts on the first page of the alliances forum but most of them are just good fun and once the main threads have run their course they dissappear for a month or two.

In Eve your reputation and public image counts for quite a lot. It must count for production corps getting customers, it must count for mercenary corps getting clients, it counts for pirates who need to be feared to inspire the odd ransom and it also counts for up and coming corps who want to get into an alliance or move to 0.0 space. The top 5 threads that deal with corporations, CEO's and respected players are a pretty good vehicle for both promoting and sense checking your image and reputation in Eve.

The best of these threads is the Corp Recognition test, the first of which we had well over a year ago and now is resurrected every few months. I personally love those threads, I think it's great to see people's views on other corps, after all it's the player driven content that corporations and alliances drive that really makes Eve the great game that it is.

In general I just think these threads are a lot of fun and I always participate, the moaners should butt out and go troll another forum area whilst those of us that enjoy it participate in them.

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Avernus said...

Very nice to see the blog restarted BL, always some good reads on here.