7 May 2005


I don't know whether this is a good or a bad thing really but it's certainly a funny thing, I have kind garnered a reputation in Eve for a) being a bit of a pisshead and b) often passing out at the controls of my battleship after a particularly heavy session!

So I asked the guys in the corp to try remember as many occasions as they could of me passing out at the keyboard and all the amusing situations that created. I'll start with perhaps the most infamous incident of all!

1) The Raven Video!

If you've not seen this little gem here's a link ! Passed out on apirate hunting op in Syndicate back in the days when you put heavy launchers on a Raven, this was when having a full rack of arbalests and a C5-L was pretty uber, cost me 300mill and started my infamy!

2) The cricket bat incident!

One of my finest moments! After being up all night on the b00zor and I think ganking in Fade, I decided it was time to get serious on teh b00ze so went for a multiple gas chamber finale!

Cricket Bat In Three Parts

Needless to say I was zzZZZzzzZZZzzz pretty soon after that.

3) Road Trip To HLW

Back in our NORAD days we decided to go on a trip to Curse to see if we could get to HLW gank some shit and get out alive. Disaster and comedy set in whilst we were enroute. I had the gang and set auto-pilot for HLW then promptly passed out. No-one realised I'd gone for quite a while as my scorp happily sailed down to Curse with the rest of the gang! The lads bravely chased my auto-piloting Scorp down to Curse but needless to say I met an untimely end before I got there!

4) H-PA Incident

Quoted from Twaddle:-

In H-PA we'd been picking off PA and you did a "back in 15 mins" on us. Fortunately I had the gang so we could gang warp you to a safe. Unfortunately it was before you could gang warp to bm's so we had to bring out a nos ship to drain your cap and gang warp you a couple of times on 0 cap to get you into a safespot.
5) 3KNK

Quoted from SkaffenAmtiskaw:-

Oh, and no ship loss, but before I was in BNC I spent the hour and a half before downtime babysitting his raven in my blackbird on a gate in 3KNK, hoping to hell the legitimate businessmen wouldn't engage

6) CZDJ Helping(?) CoD Defend Against PA

Half a dozen of us camping the station and I'm in a scorp about 50km above the station. KIA jump into system warp to the station, there's a brief skirmish and my guys have to leave... needless to say my narcoleptic self was popped!

7) On The Way Home From Tribute

Lost a scorp fighting Gangster Nation in Tribute and was cutting back across to Pure Blind in my pod when I passed out at a gate on the route from H-PA to Torrinos. Slept like a baby, gaurded most of the night by Wakka Rast. Woke up fit and healthy in my pod on the same gate in the morning unmolested by the PA o.O

8) Outer Ring & Rohann

I passed out in a Raven on a gate 3 or 4 jumps from 4C-B7X, Rohann had left BNC recently and was fighting a one man war against FA. He found me and proceeded to remove my shields and dink my armour in his frigate, then left me and carried on his merry way! I woke up in my ship with just a teany bit of armour damage the following morning and couldn't understand why!

9) 4C-B7X and the Minefield!

Passed out outside one of the Chemal Tech factories an hour or two before downtime and a) for a laugh to surprise me when I woke up and b) to give me some defences that didn't require someone babysitting me, one of the NORAD lads setup a huge minefield around my ship! The minefield dissappeared after DT and I was once again unmollested when I finally surfaced!

10) A Bored Blade K'Os

I passed out in a BS outside a station in 4C-B7X again and blade being drunk sat next to me in his Apoc all night giggling on teamspeak as he stripped all my shields off, watched them recharge then stripped them all off again! I don't know who's the saddest in that incident!

11) Hunting Trip to Fade

Set off from Torrinos with Endersgame in my Raven to go pwn some people NPC hunting just south of L-C307. Autopiloted all the way jumped into system already fast asleep and got whalloped by the guys we were supposed to be hunting!

12) Solo Hunting Trip vs RSA

In our NORAD days during the RSA war I set myself up a scorp in 4C-B7X, set my autopilot for C4C-Z4 and set off! I got drunk en-route and jumped into C4C asleep at the wheel. RSA mailed me afterwards to say "how come you didn't shoot back, are you ok" lol!

13) Bumpage and Petitioned!

Quoted from Ponieus:-

I remeber lil bit more about that time. We had a mishap in gang and you decided you were to pissed to lead and said fook it I am off for the night. About an hour later you logged back on in BKG and rallied up me and one other person and were dead set on pwning some peeps.. We get like 3 jumps and you go silent. Then you dont move. Then you dont respond. Then we call everyone back and laugh at you. Then we decided to thebest course of action would be to bump your apoc(I think the mega modulated tach setup) off the gate.. About an hour into it we got you aout 120km away from the gate but your damn ship kept on going back.. Laughing

then we filed the stuck petition..

There are many more but there's some of the high/lowlights! I must have lost over 20 battleships to drunken silliness!

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