3 May 2005

Tuesday Morning Fun With FIX

With just a few of us in corp chat on a Tuesday morning (EST morning that is) I decided to go solo hunting down in FIX to test out the world's most ridiculous Moa set up for a laugh. I was in a bit of a crazy mood and fully expecting to die I kitted out a Moa with blasters etc. for some short range fun and games!

Just as I'm about to set off a couple of the other guys decide they are coming along too, so duly warned about the likely consequences they grab cruisers and we're about to set off. Other people are also logging on and before we know it we've a little gang of five 1 HAC, 3 cruisers and 1 frig. We all know it's a suicide run but are looking forward to catching a FIX BS or two NPC hunting or mining in South Querious.

The route down was pretty dead all the way to 9CG and even when we jump in there it's still very quiet with only half a dozen FIX pilots in local. So off we head through to NDII thinking we'll hit the refinery systems further south. Just as we enter NDII I hauler warps to the gate and instas past us, we double back to try nail him but he insta docks in 9CG... first missed kill of the day.

So we head for 3BK, at this point it's fair to say I should have handed command to someone else, I was rather tired (up all night) and more than a little intoxicated (scotch 4tw!), Taalgar's also working on a good old booze up so despite the fact that in neither of our timezones is it even mid afternoon, 2 out of the six of us are already hammered and everyone else is in high spirits! Nothing like going on a suicide run knowing you're all going to die but intending to get some kills first :)

We jump into 3BK and there's an Apoc and Armageddon in system, scanning around we can't find them, they obviously instantly safe spotted, then one of the two logs. We do a little jump out, wait, jump back in routine to try catch the other BS with his pants down but find as we jump back in that he's logged. No luck here today then.

So we all meet up at the gate, jump out of 3BK and find 7 FIX waiting for us! Surprising to be honest as there were only 7 of them all docked in 9CG when we came through there and for them to get all of those guys mobilised and down after us in jst a few minutes was impressive. They're not at the gate when we jump in so we hit a safe and scan them. Oh joy, we're in a frig, cruisers and one HAC and they've got 2 BS, HAC, BC, cruiser and a couple of inties. So a frontal assault is out of the question!

Luckily there's a few systems you can loop around in that area so we move to a different gate and get behind FIX. However, just as we do this they work out where we went and jump through to the same system as us. Our options have opened up a bit though because there are 4 gates out of this system and although 2 are to dead ends that leaves FIX with some decisions to make regarding splitting their forces or not.

Our friggie pilot has to leave, another cruiser has joined us and we have another on the way a couple of jumps out. So we've more options and a bit more firepower available. Needless to say we're still outgunned with our 5 cruiser and a HAC but things are looking good for some hit and run tactics.

FIX decide to cover two gates and leave one a little light with 45au seperating the two gates. Awesome, we're going to warp in to one gate, take out a cruiser and a couple of inties, avoid the Raven there and get out before the Megathron, Diemos, Ferox etc. arrive. Good plan!

In we go, the Thorax goes down ok and we're looking good so I change the plan and we start to hit the Raven, then in comes the rest of the FIX gang. We decide to bail but two of us get caught and we lose a Thorax and a Blackbird, oops!

Back at the safe spot we decide to try again knowing that FIX are all at the one gate now and have also ben joined by a Dominix and I think another frigate. We go in at 40km to try and lure their support to us, kill it and get out before they can take us. We start off well enough but their support is very fast moving and refusing to die when we have to again bail out before the three BS pound us into dust. however, yet again one of us in a Moa gets caught and despite taking two out of the three enemy support into low armour and tanking like crazy can't get out before the Raven's cruise missiles do the damage.

So the 'suicide' element of this morning's crazy op is going well! 1 Thorax killed and 3 cruisers lost o.O

Deciding descretion is the better part of honour given the fact that we're down to 2 cruisers and a HAC vs Domi, Raven, Mega, Deimos, Ferox plus support it's time to make a run for it. We all align and get ready to instajump out on the count of three. Then the intoxicated idiot in charge (me \o/) hits the wrong distance to his bookmark and we all drop out of warp 15km from the camped gate! One cruiser dashes for the gate and gets through, the HAC makes it out to a safe spot, the pods all make it out but we lose a Rupture! FIX four, crazy idiots one!

So enough of this we log the HAC off before we lose that as well and the rest of us instajump ourselves back towards empire. As usual the chatter in local with FIX is very friendly and as usual BNC despite being outnumbered and totally outgunned still brings it to the enemy!

FIX lose 1 Thorax
We lose 1 Moa, 1 BB, 1 Rupture, 1 Thorax and finally our cruiser that escaped gets nailed going through 9CG!

Remember folks, if I'm drunk and about to go solo hunting on my own in a cruiser fully expecting to die what the consequences are if you come with me ;)

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Drantis said...


your stories mak me laugh to much mate and keep me from doing my Work.