17 April 2006

Easter Bunny Hunt (part 1)

What a weekend, what an incredible weekend of wanton destruction and roadtripping madness!
This is a tale that is going to need some serious telling and I don't know if I can actually get it all down on the screen without missing too much out. We've literally visited 90% of all the regions in Eve this weekend and fought 90% of the alliances in 0.0 space in one long grand orgy of destruction starting immediately after downtime on Friday and ending at about 9am GMT on Monday morning. In the process we've broken several of our own records, broken several of our own people and broken a LOT of other people's hardware.

So how did all this come about and what actually happened?

On Tuesday 11th April in the late afternoon there was a thread in the BoB Directors forum suggesting an idea for some fun and games over the Easter holiday weekend. The basic premise of the idea being, let's do a tour of the whole map of Eve and shoot at everyone! Or in slightly more detail the original plan looked like this...

4-hour shifts, 2 hours breaks. Totalling 4 shifts in 24 hours.

Shift 1;
NOL - YZ-LQ - HOPHIB - 4C-B7X - Orvolle
Rest in Orvolle.

Shift 2;
Orvolle - Syndicate - Cloud Ring - Fade - Torrinos
Rest in Torrinos

Shift 3;
Torrinos - Deklein - Branch - Venal - Tribute - Obe
Rest in Obe

Shift 4;
Great Wildlands - Scalding Pass - Curse - Catch - Empire
Rest in Keberz

Shift 5;
Catch - Esoteria - Paragon Soul - Querious - NOL
Rest in NOL

Needless to say we went just a little off track by the end of it and shift 5 blended into shifts 6 and 7 which then led to shifts 8-15!

The first stage saw us depart from NOL-M9 immediately after downtime on Friday with approximately 70 support ships of all different shapes and sizes, we raced up into Fountain and swarmed all over the area around YZ-LQL, A-1CON, MN5N-X etc. looking to see whether there were any FA or VC harassing Xelas. What we found died but as is the way with the our little zombie infestation around Fountain they run and hide whenever we show up. So we blasted straight through towards D4KU and Hophib only to find the area again pretty much deserted barring one rather unfortunate NPC hunting Megathron that died to our over eager scouts before the main swarm could arrive. A certain person would have tried to take it on his own in a rifter if there had been no other support nearby, loony, luckliy a friendly Deimos coming from the other direction arrived to support. There were howls of dissappointment from the baying pack of interceptor pilots closing in on our covert ops when they heard the Megathron had died before they got there - it was going to be one of those weekends!

After confirming that hide and seek VC crowd around Hophib were indeed hiding again we headed up for Outer Ring and blasted through 4C-B7X bagging a few NORAD BS on the way. Alasse and I as always at the forefront of fleet discipline and setting a prime example to all our other pilots as Molle said "Hold on the gate two jumps from 4C-, do NOT jump into LGUZ-1"....

[ 2006.04.14 13:49:20 ] EVE System > Channel changed to LGUZ-1 Local Channel
[ 2006.04.14 13:49:27 ] Alasse Cuthalion > I think we're both newbs
[ 2006.04.14 13:49:30 ] Alasse Cuthalion > \o/
[ 2006.04.14 13:49:33 ] Blacklight > whoops
[ 2006.04.14 13:49:37 ] Blacklight > ;)
[ 2006.04.14 13:49:40 ] Alasse Cuthalion > indeed
[ 2006.04.14 13:49:42 ] Alasse Cuthalion > ;)
[ 2006.04.14 13:53:48 ] Alasse Cuthalion > killmail hoes!
[ 2006.04.14 13:53:52 ] Alasse Cuthalion > TALLY HO
[ 2006.04.14 13:53:56 ] Blacklight > charge


So we bagged a couple of BS kills and so forth from NORAD before rolling on towards Syndicate. We paid the Supremacy and 3FA peeps a vist, ganked a few 3FA whilst Lacrimae threatened Molle with dire consequences ;)

We spotted a Rage of Angels gate camp on the Reblier gate in 6-CZ49 but it's a rather long warp to the Reblier gate so they did a runner although our support did catch a Moa of theirs at a planet. Whilst we were chasing RoA around in
6-CZ49 we had a scoutin Reblier having a look around who found some BS in a belt, so in the spirit of total mayhem we jumped in and blew them up!

Time to head back to Orvolle and rest for a couple of hours after stage one was complete.

Two hours later the BoB suicide support ship fleet regrouped in Orvolle and the second shift commenced.

I found this draft of an incomplete blog and as it's ages (like 6+ months) since it happened I'll never finish it, however rather than it never see the light of day I thought I'd just post the incomplete version.

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