20 April 2006

Killing The FIX Outpost! (Easter Bunny Hunt Part 2!)

Well on the weekend in question we had been attempting to break a few kill records ganking everything within 100 jumps of Delve starting a round the universe road trip from Delve on Friday after DT which lead us around every region on the map until we got to Stain and Catch.

After playing about in FAT on Saturday, and omfg Stain and Huzzah are fucking shite they had a large BS fleet in system and refused to stand and fight our 40 man frig and cruiser gang the lamers (bagged 6 BS kills and numerous small ships due to their total incompetence however before taking the Outpost from under their noses in our friggies!), we decided to regroup in Delve and play about in Paragon Soul and Feythabolis on Saturday evening (the relevance of this waffle about Saturday will become clear when I get to Sunday evening and the beginning of the egg saga from our perspective).

So we took another 40 man frig and cruiser gang down to Paragon Soul and jumped into a large TS fleet with a bazillion bubbles on the gate in GQ2S-8. After much hilarity warping in and out of their gate camp onto 2 different covert ops warp in points we managed to blow up about 24 support ships and 9 BS's for 16 support ship losses before TS brought in support from ASCN and Prime Orbital Systems. Despite the fact we'd brought in reinforcements and got up to about 60 pilots involed we decided to do a runner and I had to lead 40 of us back through Feyth and Esoteria with 140 hostiles (using better bookmarks than us) chasing us back home. A 50+ jump round trip and two gate camps (we lost another 4 support ships at one of them) later we arrived back in Delve at about 00:00 GMT.

With such a large TS/ASCN/POS fleet around Paragon/Esoteria the only sensible thing to do was to get into more ships and take a full fleet back down south. So we did and predictably beat TS and ASCN into a pulp in the early hours of Sunday morning with 33 BS killed for 9 lost across two engagements (a minor one vs TS and a major one vs ASCN) despite being stupidly outnumbered and jumping into ASCN's heavily bubbled camp during the second engagement (support kill loss ratio is uncountably positive).

After all that fun on Saturday night Sunday morning we couldn't resist going back down there during the day on Sunday, which is why despite the fact we knew FIX were egging it in ED- we chose to sail back down to Feyth again at about 18:00 on Sunday. After some huge battles down south and a general raping of ASCN and allies we had to take a fleet back down to reinforce our guys down there on Sunday evening. Our reinforcements (about 40 pilots) arrived in Feyth at about 1:00am on Monday morning after the last meaningful ASCN fleet was destroyed, doh! Total of 74 BS killed for 12 losses I think (manually counting off the killboard so +/- 2-3 each way!).

That left us with about 80 hyped up BoB pilots having just broken both our BS kill record for one day and our total kills record for one day (120 and 340 respectively) and no other blobs on the map except SA/Huzzah and FIX up around ED-.

Avernus from FIX had convoed me at about 00:50am asking for assistance in ED-, the convo having gone like this...

[ 2006.04.17 00:53:10 ] Avernus > this a good time?
[ 2006.04.17 00:53:19 ] Blacklight > hi
[ 2006.04.17 00:53:31 ] Blacklight > so so, if I am slow to respond bear with me
[ 2006.04.17 00:53:38 ] Avernus > np
[ 2006.04.17 00:54:17 ] Avernus > FIX needs some help, and we want to know if BoB is up for helping us out. I know that's an odd request, and you may just end up shooting us instead, but I had to ask.
[ 2006.04.17 00:54:40 ] Blacklight > what kind of help?
[ 2006.04.17 00:54:59 ] Avernus > you may have heard from Dianabolic already, FIX is placing an outpost
[ 2006.04.17 00:55:13 ] Avernus > we have incoming from RA, SA, and Huzzah
[ 2006.04.17 00:55:43 ] Avernus > FIX has a 100 man fleet formed, and may have reinforcements coming, but this is going to be tight
[ 2006.04.17 00:56:34 ] Blacklight > I can't promise any help we are kinda busy with ASCN/OS/TS tonight
[ 2006.04.17 00:56:59 ] Blacklight > and we have reset all standings
[ 2006.04.17 00:57:08 ] Blacklight > so if we turn up it'll be a 3 way Wink
[ 2006.04.17 00:57:21 ] Avernus > understandable, and I wouldn't expect anything on such short notice, nor with the consideration of the standings.
[ 2006.04.17 00:57:31 ] Avernus > was just looking to see if there was a possiblity to be had
[ 2006.04.17 00:57:49 ] Blacklight > well was worth asking I guess
[ 2006.04.17 00:57:59 ] Blacklight > you have our response for now though mate Wink
[ 2006.04.17 00:58:06 ] Blacklight > good luck, fly safe and kick ass Very Happy
[ 2006.04.17 00:58:11 ] Avernus > kk, and thanks for the time.
[ 2006.04.17 00:58:12 ] Avernus > Smile

I have to admit to being a little surprised at the request so soon after our standings reset but with 80 bored BoB pilots all looking to kill more stuff the possibility of a 3-way fleet fight was too much to resist, so we hot-footed it back to Delve to refit, take on ammo and repair (half our fleet had almost no ammo left and half the BS had structure damage after fighting down south all day). We were really hoping that we could get there and jump into SA/Huzzah first before fighting the FIX guys Wink

I got convoed by Command0 from FIX as we were heading up north and that convo went as follows..

[ 2006.04.17 01:28:04 ] Blacklight > hi
[ 2006.04.17 01:28:13 ] Command0 > you guys looking for a fight?
[ 2006.04.17 01:28:32 ] Blacklight > lol we've just killed about 80 ASCN BS Wink
[ 2006.04.17 01:28:41 ] Command0 > 100+ sa/Huzzah in 3-f
[ 2006.04.17 01:28:49 ] Command0 > FIX is asking for Help
[ 2006.04.17 01:29:14 ] Command0 > they are preparing to jump capship in
[ 2006.04.17 01:29:24 ] Command0 > to kill the outpost being deployed
[ 2006.04.17 01:30:38 ] Blacklight > Give us Querious, pay rent and we'll save your outpost
[ 2006.04.17 01:31:08 ] Blacklight > 300m per corp per week to live there in BoB space
[ 2006.04.17 01:33:13 ] Command0 > o_O

We decided that as we'd already made it clear that we weren't going to come help and that a 3 way was most likely when we arrived we would get into full BoB RP mode, hence the demands on Command0 Wink Mentioning SA capital ships got us all really horny for a fight to be honest, it's dissappointing we didn't arrive early enough to jump in and warp right into the middle of FIX fighting SA/Huzzah Wink

When we found out FIX had raped SA/Huzzah (we had a covert ops watching the fight) there was much cheering and laughing on TS!

Despite the fact that it was about 3:15am or something when we were reformed in NOL-M9 everyone was still so excited we had about a 70 man fleet regardless of the hour. We saddled up and moved out towards ED- arriving in 60M-TG in time to kill Cougar One Very Happy

Our covert ops had been watching all night inside ED- so we knew exactly what we were facing on the jump in, I have to admit some of our lads were actually a bit nervous because we knew FIX had multiple carriers and at least one dread in the system which we'd have to face when we jumped in. As usual though the main ego's in BoB (lol) were more than comfortable with the challenge so with hardly any hesitation or hold up we raced up to 3-FKCZ and jumped right into ED-L9T.

The fight on the gate was a LOT of fun and surprisingly I didn't die, despite having to warp out and back in twice (FIX I am not always in command, frigging well pick on someone else ok!). The fight on the gate raged for about 5-6 mins before we overcame the defending FIX fleet and started to consolidate our position. I think we lost 7 BS in the fight to get into the system killing 17 and lost 5 support ships in exchange for 28-29. Whilst securing our position Coranor warped to Planet 3 hunting stragglers and got ganked by the FIX fleet gaurding the egg (04:09) so we warped the fleet in and bagged another 5 BS kills.

Then we were on to killing the egg.

We debated bringing the capital ships over and could probably have rustled up 10 dreads and 5-10 carriers as well but decided to do things the old fashioned way primarily because we thought if we strung out the time it took to kill the egg FIX may get reinforcements and come in on us again thus leading to more killage and fun fights!

Whilst shooting the Egg I was in convo with Avernus and valhallan from FIX who approached me to see if terms were available to save the Outpost egg. Needless to say we were in full ghengis Khan mode at that time with a lot of very drunk and 'yarrred' up BoB pilots, so it was going to have to be a very good deal to save the egg. To be totally honest I am a big softy and felt sorry for FIX when we stonewalled them with the offer given to Command0 being repeated again i.e. hand over Querious, live in BoB space and you can keep the egg.

After much pisstaking at my expense in our command channel (for being such a soft git!) we decided to stick to our ebil conquer the known universe RP and not budge on our demands. I don't mind admitting that I encouraged FIX to not accept and to tell us to piss off and save their dignity if not their outpost! I was actually very proud of the FIX guys for eventually telling us to piss off, that was the best decision they'd made over the whole weekend.

Having declined our kind offer FIX rallied and warped about 20 BS into our fleet at the Outpost at 0km range! Naturally the bastards called me primary, Molle's turn to do the negotiations next time if that's what happens! Was a bit of a slaughter really with 20 FIX/BAPWN BS going down in the next 5-10 mins (including a couple hunted down around the system after the fight). We lost another 6 BS in that engagement.

After that fight and Marko Debrault's mail to me which just said "Leeroy!" we settled in to kill the egg and those of us that had died went and got into new ships and came back.

The egg went pop at 7:30am, there was some debate about leaving it with about 1% structure just because we could(!) but the lads wanted to see the explosion and after so long shooting the damn thing we couldn't really back out. FIX had rallied together yet another fleet by this time which was lurking one system out. We thought they were going home when we blew the egg but as we jumped from ED-L9T into 3-FKCZ the FIX fleet jumped back into 3-FKCZ as well. Charge! We warped across the system into close range and engaged them. Another 15 BS killed for 2 losses! There was much rejoicing on TS at this point both for a very successful night, for hitting 111 BS kills by 8am (OMG!) and for FIX being such fine opponents with huge balls of steel.

So eventually at about 8:30am we arrived back in Delve, so tired we could hardly focus but highly elated.

Respect to FIX for being awesome.


Fitz said...

and you did all of this without me you big fat bastard.

Heartless_ said...

Good stuff even if you did call us out -_-

Heartless_ said...

I'm curious on your thoughts about the fight tonight in KEJY. Still can't figure out how you guys warped past our bubble and appeared 150+ km from the gate.

Oh well was a good fight.

Admentus said...

I think you failed to mention that about a half hour before that, (in ED-) that Fix had an engagement with Huzzah / Stain fleet, I think the kills / losses were like 40 bs to 4 losses? It was crazy.

related kills 1st combat

Then, OW!


Earthan said...


Blacklight said...

Admentus, I just didn't mention your fight with SA/Huzzah as it wasn't anything to do with us.

Funny how they have been affected more by lag than either FIX or BoB have during the fights down there... really funny ;)

Blacklight said...

Heartless, I could tell you but then I would have to kill you!