8 August 2007

Last Call At The Bar - Finish your drinks it's time to go home!

This post is long overdue really and could have been made a month or two ago.

The Eve adventure is over for now and I'll not be updating the blog anymore, not that I've really had the time or motivation to do much of that in a long time anyway.

I didn't post any farewells on Eve-O as it would just be trolled to death by a minority of the playerbase who have their knickers in a twist about my character, corp and alliance's actions in Eve over the years. I did however post this on SHC when I left on the 24th June..

Well, as the in game hand over has been completed, the corp and the alliance notified it's time to let the general Eve playing public (that are interested) know and head off any nameless alt troll's from announcing it before I do.

I'm retiring from Eve indefinitely and have handed the CEO of BNC over to Coranor who has been acting as my COO and number two for the last year.

After playing for 4.5 years and being a member of the community for over 5 it's time for me to bow out and have a long break. As with all things they lose some of their gloss over time and Eve has certainly done that for me.

There's no specific event, series of events, change in mechanics, people issue, action by CCP, behaviour of the community or any other reason which has brought me to this point. I am simply a bit worn out and bored with a game I've played for what almost feels like a lifetime.

This will be of no consequence or even interest for lots of you but as what BoB gets up to is often at the centre of so much attention and the departure of one of it's CEOs is, after over three years at the helm, a relatively significant event I figured it was worth some sort of announcement. I do have to say though that it speaks volumes about the state of CAOD and about the shining light that SHC is amongst the Eve community that I choose to make the announcement here rather than on CCP's own forums.

Anyway, I'm off, don't know if or when I'll be back or in what capacity I'll be back if I do return, it could be a few months, could be a year or it could be never.

Thanks to all my friends, corp mates, allies and enemies for some fun times and a great gaming experience. I hope you all continue to have a blast in game (literally) and that both sides of the current epic conflict continue to have fun beating the snot out of each other for a long time yet!

Best wishes

I'm actually playing a bit of World of Warcraft for a bit of a change of pace at the moment and it is an incredibly refreshing change from Eve. I've always had a character on one of the US servers as I beta-tested WoW when I was living in Canada so it made sense at the time to have a character on the US servers when the game went live. Although I've played intermitently over the past couple of years I have met some very cool people over there and already have a level 70 character, so I have a little bit of a headstart switching games at this point :P

I'm probably going to start blogging about WoW as well but given the nature of the game the flavour will be a little different, in fact the blog's already set up and is awaiting me finding the time to do a few posts. If anyone's interested the address is http://holdingaggro.blogspot.com/

As for my continued involvement with Eve, I'm still going to DJ for BoB Radio although less often and only on weekends really, I'm going to continue helping to moderate SHC and I am continuing to train all my characters... just in case! For the forseeable future I won't be playing though.

Thanks to everyone who made playing Eve such a great experience over the past few years and thanks to everyone who read this blog. It was a great ride and fantastic fun.

Best wishes and good luck to you all.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is slightly unexpected. Reading your blog was enjoyable though =)
Maybe when you come back in eve I'll have the courage to eve-mail you ^_^;;

Carey (aka Alex Under) said...

Hi BL,

When I heard that you were leaving I was all shocked, but completely understand why you are take a break. I was there that night you had your goodbye bash on EVE Radio. Don't know how you managed to stay up so long drinking, but hats off to you.

I wish you the best Blacklight. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't question whether I should pack it in either. Hopefully you'll return to our beautiful country of Canada. If you do, give me a shout and we'll go our for a beer.

-Carey (aka 'Alex Under' in EVE Online)

Azeroth Uluntil said...

Good luck whereever you go blacklight. Hope to see you back one day.

Anonymous said...

Quitting eve to play WOW = total failure!
enough of smack, I wish u good luck in your future forum and ingame wars.
miss your blogs already

cya soon,
[DICE] Traffic

SXyWhile said...


I bid you farewell, good sir. I hope to see you return in whatever capacity you wish. Best of luck to you in the future and take care.

I | L

Selene said...

You write very well.

Avernus said...

Ah hell, better late than never... I didn't have you primaried at FIX's Easter Egg. Honest :)

Enjoy your break BL, if you ever feel a need for the casual experience of EVE (not that I really see it happening), give me a shout.


Phoenus said...

He's back!

Jacek Olejnik said...

Hey man Earthan here. You still breathing on this sad planet?:)

Kinda got nostalgic , just ractivated Eve account after 3 years and was looking at my Eve history.

Thanks for all the fun time i had in BNC.:)